7 thoughts on “Brennan Crosby”

  1. I think the first two images are quite interesting. The person seems to be the robot. I feel like you can use some different color light sources to enhance this weird feeling in the first two images, say red or yellow.

  2. The subjects costume amplify the dramatic lighting you aim for throughout the piece, it also makes me curious as to what the story behind the suit or if there is a story behind the individual shots themselves thats increased by the lighting. For future reference I’d suggest using lighting similar to that in the last shot that shroud (mainly) the entire character of the subject.

  3. The silhouettes in these images are very strong. Yet the is still a lot of detail behind the silhouettes and as all on in them. The figure int he second image is not complexity silhouetted there is still detail in the rob that goes around her chest. In the last image the light form outside the tunnel frames the figure very nice, lighting just as much as necessary to have detail yet not overpowering.

  4. The third image is my favorite out of the three. The lighting in the background and the setting/environment in which this image was taken is very dramatic and mysterious. I like your choice of black and white, however I think the contrast is a little too high, and loosing some shades of gray in there.

  5. I really enjoy the lighting in all of these photographs. The dramatic lighting is seen throughout, and you did a good job compositionally. The only thing is I think the third picture is a tad too contrasty, but other then that I love everything. I look forward to seeing more.

  6. The lighting in these photos is what caught my attention. As a movie lover, I enjoy seeing cinematic lighting and feelings conveyed through photographs. All three of those photos have a sense of mystery and strong emotion that I really do enjoy.

  7. The last image seems very powerful emotionally for me because the way you framed the individual and manipulated the lighting to have this intense silhouette. The person being engulfed in darkness and the contrast of the “light at the end of the tunnel,” feels so intentional narratively and I love it. But at the same time it seems like the person is content with the darkness that feel unsetting.

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