photography, St. Norbert College

Hannah Kruse


Hannah Kruse
ART 280 – Intro to Photography
digital print; 8″ x 12″, Untitled

Description: This picture was taken as part of our insightful portraits project. I’m a member of the women’s track and field team and decided to capture the emotion and intensity of one of the high jumpers seconds before she jumped during an indoor meet.

4 thoughts on “Hannah Kruse”

  1. The photo definitely tells a story of the athlete, as it tells of the emotion she was feeling at the time. Power is backed within the photo by your decision to blur out the stadium behind her which i believe hones the viewer further into the situation, and adds that suspense to the photo as she is about to start her event. Compositionally sound, I would want to see more of the athlete or the stadium in later series pictures to complete the story.

  2. I agree your choice of selective focus was one that was of great benefit. If you had included the score board in the background the store would have changed immensely it would have become about the score rather than the emotion of the athlete. The moment is perfectly timed and her expression says it all. Great job, communicating an emotion and feeling.

  3. I really like the balance you have created in this photograph. Despite the fact that the background is completely blurred, the purple scoreboard balances out the girl. I can sense her emotion like you have achieved. Well done.

  4. I agree with everyone before, by using selective focus you focused on the emotion of the athlete. I think this photo is really well done, and is composed very nicely.

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