6 thoughts on “Rebecca Swanson”

  1. These photos are all about trauma. The content of these images are dramatic, but I feel like the composition and lighting can be also as dramatic as the content, which can enhance the concept of these photographs.

  2. I can see the relation of physical abuse within the first and third picture but its hard to develop what exactly the eye and last photo are representative of. So for future references I’d attempt to make the concept more consistently clear just to clear up the confusion in those separate photos

  3. I think that all the photos themselves are good, I believe you could have made the photos a tad more dramatic, especially for its subject matter.

  4. I think the concept here is little difficult to discern, are you trying to communicate physical violence? or thing people are sensitive about? The images of the hickey and scratches on the back are the strongest in my opinion. The lighting of the one with the hickey extenuates the part on which you want the audiences eye to focus.

  5. This subject matter is very dramatic, and yet your lighting is very plain and inactive. Now, I was once told to shoot interesting subject matter with boring light and boring subject with interesting lights. The issue here is that there is too stark of a contrast. You may not need super super dramatic lighting, but you need a little more substance to make your light match the subject, even if it isn’t the most dramatic. One last comment would be that your last picture seems to be out of place in this series. It is the only one that shows no physical deformities, and again, the lighting doesn’t help to suggest anything either. You have a good start, it will be interesting to see where these go.

  6. The concept is very good, and these images shocked me a lot. So I think these photos do good job to make people rethink about the issue deeply. I think if you focus on not only the hurts but also those people, these could be more impressive.

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