9 thoughts on “Willie Stewart”

  1. I think these are really cool images. At the first glance, I barely notice that they are the bodies. I feel like the abstraction of the body is really strong.

  2. interestingly I believe the muscles tell a sense of narrative about the subject despite not seeing the front, however, that mysterious aspect is definitely established where I want more information. composition wise the dark background in contrast to the heavy shadows on the body further those narrative qualities you sought to portray.

  3. I really enjoy the way you chose to light the figures. The muscles has interesting shadows and help to abstract the human figure. Compositionally I really enjoy the first and second image. This first has a lot of detail and depth, leaving the audience to discover more and more about the image as they look at it.

  4. I agree that the musculature of a person can tell a narrative as well as a facial expression or other easily recognizable feature. The fact that you cannot specifically state who this person is however is well described in my opinion though, and I enjoy how it makes me wonder more about this individual. What was their story, why do they pose the way they do, and how did this apply to them personally? These are all questions I think of when I look at the images.

  5. I really enjoyed the darkness of these pictures. I think that having the image so dark/not well lit allowed the picture to communicate a sense of mystery. I love how the muscles still tell a short narrative, overall great shadows, great story, great job. I look forward to seeing more!!!

  6. These are very interesting images. Your use of lighting brings intrigue to the person’s back, which from your statement appears to be what you were striving to do. Each back shows a different person, with noticeably different features, and thus a noticeably different history. It is a very intriguing concept. The only thing that I would say is maybe to lighten the images just a tad.

  7. These are very good images and the idea is pretty interesting. But I didn’t get what they are when I see this pictures first. So these images would be better if you make the body clearer or make contrast stronger.

  8. These images are really powerful. your choice of lighting and exposure really gives them beautiful depth and saturation. I definitely think that these photos serve to show mystery and they are beautiful. I would also argue that a bare back not only indicates mystery but also vulnerability. That could be interesting to explore in future series from this POV. Nice job.

  9. These pictures give your subject a nice, soft texture. The middle one i find most attractive, it almost looks as though the subject is floating. I feel if you were to zoom out a bit more and make more picture where the lower half seems to disappear, it could make for an interesting series.E

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