10 thoughts on “Cassandra Alley”

  1. I really enjoy your first image the shadows and bridges on the side and top of the frame really help to frame the cars and draw the eye around the image. The tonality is great in all of your pictures as well.

  2. I like the first and the last images. For the first one, the shadow, bridges and cars really balance with each other, which creates the harmonious composition. For the last one, I am quite interested that you take the back of the person and lots of outer spaces out of focus.

  3. the richness of the grays within the photos are mesmerizing to a degree. the density and range of value within the compositions themselves are extremely well composed where I agree with each shot. Honestly I see no suggestion on the photos themselves, but am not gathering a theme or relationship between the photos.

  4. This is an interesting body of work based off of what I can see from these photos. Each photo has a dynamic composition and great contrast. I’m really drawn to the first one, probably because of the interesting repetition in architectural lines, and the ambiguity in the function of those bridge forms. I think ambiguity is working in your favor; it is present in each of your photos. The last one seems especially poignant for me. I think the second photo is beautifully composed and printed, but perhaps it needs to zoom in a bit on one topic instead of trying to encompass the entire city block. Good job over all.

  5. The composition combined with such rich greys and contrast make these photos stand out from the plethora of black and whites I see daily. I don’t see an overall theme but these photos seem almost dream like to me and I can’t stop looking at them!

  6. I think the greys are rich, and the contrast in good. The range of these shades are great, and I think you did a great job. I would like to see the other photos in the series since I didnt get a theme when looking at the pictures.

  7. The grey are very well done in your work. I also like the framing of the first photo. With all the clutter up top and the shade and cars on each side, it really makes me look deep into the image. Very nice.

  8. Each of your photographs are extremely well put together and they have this very pronounced perspective that makes your images have longevity in terms of the over all depth. Making all of the photos in full focus isn’t distracting at all and the last on that blurs the background is nice because it still has depth to it. The last photo feels the most emotionally charged in comparison to the others. It gives me this feeling of missing the world when it is right in front of her.

  9. All photos have great tones of gray and are well executed in black and white. I have a hard time understanding the first photo, as to what I should be focusing because there is a lot going on with the shadows and different objects in the image. The composition of the last image, with the back of the person to us looking through the window, puts the viewer in the image — I can’t keep my eyes off the street!

  10. I love how the shadows are composed in each of the photos. Combined with the large depth of field in each photograph and how nicely the tones of grey are printed, it’s a great series of photographs!

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