Danielle Wendler


Danielle Wendler
Art 380 Contemporary Photographic Strategies
Digital prints: 12″ x 18″

This work grasps the concept of architectural tableau photography and mashing an artistic flare inspired by Georges Rousse’s geometric painted scenes.

7 thoughts on “Danielle Wendler

  1. I love the contrast between the black/white and then color aspects of the photograph. I think the photo itself is composed well. I like the artistic flare you gave it. I would like to see more of your work!

  2. This is an interesting image to me, i like your choice of including both black and white and color in the same image. It shows how black and white can date many object, and color gives a more present vibe. With the circle in the center though give me the impression of looking through a scope or a target tracker or something like that. Which I’m not sure is what you are trying to convey, it gives this image a more military feel which you may or may not want.

  3. I really like the the use of black and white as well as color in your photo. I would like to see more height to the image so it includes the top of the structure. Very nice.

  4. This really has the feel of a documentary transition or the transition between eras of the place you photographed. The way you have set up the composition presents itself as apart of some historical context or a place of importance in past history that has been revitalized. It is amazing how just the use of black and white and color contrast to make these assumptions. I think also the circle shape of the black and white also contributes to this idea.

  5. This is an interesting image and really shows what black and white does to a photo. If I could only see the black and white photo, you could tell me it was a photo from the middle of the Industrial Revolution and I wouldn’t know any different, but the color bring a more present reality to the photo.

  6. I really like the circle in the center. The contrast between the black/white and color gives some contrast between the two spaces. I feel like you can explore this idea of using geometric shape to establish the boundary between two continuous/discontinuous spaces more, not just color-wise.

  7. I think that the circle adds an interesting and unexpected touch to the image. The black and white is a nice contrast and serves to change the image depending on which part you look at. I would have liked to see more than one though.

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