22 thoughts on “Lee West”

  1. To me, fire is one of the coolest things you can photograph. Whether you’re using it to convey a mood or feeling, or you just enjoy photographing fire, they always catch my eye and interest. The pictures look great and the usage of props really give them life. 10/10

  2. I really enjoy your first image, the fire is a great focal point. It also provides us with more detail since we can see some of the hands and the tattoos that are on the arm. The fire looks vibrant and realistic and each photo. I really enjoy the one with the tiers and mattress if feels like each person can interpret there own story.

  3. I think this concept is so interesting. Fire conveys a mood of intensity and I think you nailed this one. All the pictures have good light sources, are exposed properly, and are just awesome pictures. Good job.

  4. I really like how you staged your images. Fire is cool as is, but the use of a mattress (I think it is a mattress?) is very unique. I also like the balloons. Fire is typically known as dangerous and bad but the balloons bring in a whole different feel to the image. Very well done.

  5. I think the fire is really interesting part in these images. In the first two images, are they existing real fire or you edit it digitally?

  6. This is an intriguing set of images for sure. You’ve done a decent job of mixing the fire in the top two images. in your second image, the scene as a whole looks to be a bit yellow, so I would take a look at the white balance on that. Also in the middle picture, it would be nice to see more contrast in the flames. Right now they look very blown out. However, as a whole this is an intriguing and fairly well executed series of pictures.

  7. I do real like the use of fire in all of the pieces and the way that the last picture has some sort of religious feel to me because of the man wearing white with compliment of the fire. But when I look at everything in terms of how they are compositionally placed I feel like they could have been arranged better or captured from a different angle. And I would exclude the fire photograph from that comment, but the other ones just feel too staged.

  8. I really enjoy how fire has become integrated and is a major element in the images. You have done a great job editing the photos. It is unnecessary to include a title for this series, in my opinion, as it takes away room from analyzing and understanding the photos — to the viewer the images become too staged with the title. I think my favorite photo has to be the middle one; it is striking to me and the composition of the individual in the image contradicts the fire.

  9. I’m amazed by the tactile nature of the fire in these images, I never would have guessed they are photoshopped at all. All three images seems sort of masochistic, though the people in the images aren’t showing much of a reaction to pain or heat. Very well done!

  10. This is a very interesting concept that I think it is wonderful. I really enjoy looking at these images mainly because of the adventure. The bottom image I think is my favorite because of the detail in the fire however the fires are very different in color. That is just a little nit picky thing. The colors are obviously different because of the materials that they are over but it is a little distracting. What the back ground in the second image with the balloons but overall I think you have nice color corrections and contrast happening in these images and they are very consistent.

  11. the techniques you applied to create these images creates a very realistic feel to the photos. because of this is get a nostolgical feel of uneasy past memories. i like the emotion these images provides viewers.

  12. To me this series of photographs beautifully captures the state of our planet right now. So many bad things are happening and many people choose to ignore them or even deny that they exist at all. Those in the photographs are on fire, but act as though nothing is wrong.

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