10 thoughts on “Dante Nash”

  1. Dante I know we had a critique in class about the work, but I just wanted to talk about the bottom piece some more. The way this shot is taken really makes my eye travel into a deep perspective, thus creating this depth that seems obtainable by just looking at the piece. I also believe that your choice of focusing on the the background rather than the foreground makes the piece more interesting aesthetically. The strange composition becomes complimented by its familiarity because I feel like I know what this is, but at the same time I can quite put my finger on it.

  2. The way you composed and printed the third photograph is so great! I don’t think the amount of negative space takes anything away from the photo, rather, it makes for a nice photograph! Each of the pieces compliments the others, especially the way your eye travels to the back of each photograph. Really nice!

  3. These photos compliment each other to form a great start to a series. The printing is well done—the palette feels the same—and compositions feel right together but don’t edge on repetitiveness. In particular the third image stands out, consumed almost entirely by the wet road and its slight tonal differences. The choice to place the person near the top of the image helps to remove this from the cliché one-point-perspective “walking down a long, winding road” type of photo.

  4. I love how you shot these photos. I think focusing on the background does a lot for the concept, “Things change the closer we get. Each picture feels familiar to the next but at the same they have their own unique vibe. Good job!

  5. I love your use of line and shape in these photos, especially the first one. I love how the last one is blurry around the edges and then the lines that take you to the back of the photo are so sharp.

  6. Really like what you’ve done here with the perspective. The lines from all the steel make some interesting eye movement through the pictures. Being black and white I think helps a lot as well, and I don’t think these compositions would be nearly as strong in color.

  7. I like the feel of these photos- they portray winter well. I would have liked to have seen the full frame of the person in the image second to last, but I still like the depth that the road adds. I also like the final image and the unusual focus that you apply. Nice.

  8. I like the feel of these photos- it truly feels like winter in them. I wish that you had included the entire frame in the second to last image, but I still like the depth of the road. I also like the unusual focus that you use on the last image. Nice.

  9. I personally like the last picture the best. Your play on space and vantage points is very interesting. I thought for the first few pictures, you could’ve brought out more light and contrast as the pictures seem a little flat. But overall, I like the idea of looking at daily things closely and how that changes our views on a certain object!

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