11 thoughts on “Leslie Graham”

  1. the glistening of the skin in contrast to the heavy shadows created by lighting make this piece extremely successful where it makes me wonder in mystery of what the entire figure looks like and etc. an erotic mood is brought up with such heavy emphasis on the lips, breast, and neck. I’d wonder what else there is to do with such limited parts of the body to continue evoking such parts of emotion, so an future experiment could be maybe to exaggerate other emotions/mood through lighting?

  2. This is an intriguing picture. You have excellent highlights throughout the lips and the chest, with a fairly high range of values. Your cropping is also interesting because you’re choosing only one small and specific portion of the body to capture. I keep looking to see more of the model, which I obviously can’t do because of the heavy darkness that blocks out the rest of her body. In that sense this picture really succeeds because it draws viewers in and leaves them wanting more.

  3. The lighting in the image is striking and creates a feeling of mystery, fear, and confusion. The composition of the image is an important element that highlights these emotions as the figure is close-up and there is little to know details on the surrounding and the context of the image.

  4. The parts of the subject body that are being illuminated work to both strengthen and sexualize female body. Yet it is obscuring enough to were it is not objectification which I like. The images lease the audience wondering what the story behind the women is. And what kind of mood we are supposed to interpret. I think the lighting is seamless providing detail and a good balance of shadows and light.

  5. This lighting is definitely dramatic and drew me in immediately. I would be very interested to see a series of additional work similar to this. This image is the type of image that generates questions and deeper thoughts within an audience and really makes its viewers think. Beautiful composition.

  6. I love how dramatic this photo is. I think choosing to make the photo black and white adds to the drama and I do not think this photo would have been as effected if left in color.

  7. The lighting here is beautiful and I love how it almost morphs/abstracts the figure. The position of her neck and tilt of her head also makes the composition really nice to look at and ads a sense of sophistication which I really enjoy!

  8. The lighting you have used has been manipulated so well because you seem to get spots of light over the body. This small points of reviving the body of the person is mysterious and also satisfying. The cutting of the head of the individual also gives this urge to know what this person is trying to hide and shroud.

  9. This is just a gorgeous picture. The lighting is perfect- conveying simultaneously an image and a feeling. Your choice of framing is also excellent and so powerful. Wonderful work.

  10. Beautiful photo! I love the intensity of the lighting here. I love how commanding the black is in the print. The composition of this photo creates a sensual and teasing connection between the audience and the subject.

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