13 thoughts on “Ronnie Robinson”

  1. I really like your use of shading along with the dark background. It really makes the subjects pop, and look unique.

  2. With no knowledge of the actual show I believe the expression of the figures portray that personality you wished to convey. however, character in a single still can be difficult to achieve as alot of these give a single emotion of worry/distress despite the last which looks menacing giving a more accurate depiction of that single persons character rather than the others who are stricken of fear in a moment (if that makes sense). However, use of tenebrism/ heavy shadow definitely emphasizes the personalities you were able to capture.

  3. I’ve only seen one episode of the show, so I cannot accurately talk on whether or not you’ve actually succeeded in capturing the essence of these characters, however I can say that you have managed to show distinct personalities for each person. Your dramatic use of lighting helps to either darken or lighten a personality. You manage to do this while still keeping the appropriate highlights in other places, which I greatly appreciate. The only thing that I may find problematic conceptually is simplifying each of these characters to a single defining trait. If that is the meaning of the study then you’ve done well, and ignore my comment!

  4. In the bottom photo where the guy looks to be engulfed in the darkness is well excused because the lighting matches the mood of the person.I find it funny that photography takes a back seat to the artistry put forth on the arrangement of lighting. It really does something special to the individual and makes the image more impactful.

  5. Each image, with the facial expressions and the position of the individuals, adds to the character and personality which you wanted to capture of the people. The lighting in each image exaggerates and adds to the emotions. Have you thought of adding objects and props that can highlight different emotions and characteristics in an individual?

    1. Yes, I have thought about that idea but for this I wanted to take the simplistic approach. It is something to consider if I continue with this study. Thank you for your comment.

  6. I love the use of shadows and the way you lit the portraits. The bottom photo captures so much about the character through his expression and is enhanced because of the lighting.

  7. The use of light and dark I feel does emphasize the mystery of the characters in the show. I have watched my fair share of episodes and can never seem to understand. With that aside, I think the blacks are very crisp and the skin tones are very well highlighted in ways that are not blown out or lacking in detail. Well done.

  8. I think you did a great job lighting all of these images. Personally I love when portraits are done like this, the black background cause there person to really stand out. I think the second images is one of the best in part because of the facial expression on the subject. The detail in the hair and jacket help to frame him as well as gibe the image depth.

  9. I really like all these photos and how the lighting expresses the character’s personalities and conflicts. The last photo shows this very well, with “Norman’s” dark side v.s his good side. Very well done overall!

  10. I love the use of lighting here and how it portrayed each of the character’s emotions and thoughts. I have no background knowledge of the show, however I feel like I am able to understand a little about each of the character’s based on their expressions and how you can see their expressions as well.

  11. Your play on the lighting is so interesting. You gave the 4 pictures such a unique feeling to them individually. I especially like the light play on the last picture. The split lighting was done almost perfectly. The first picture’s lighting was something I never expected. The way you put the light focus on the other half of her face instead of the part facing the audience, I thought that was very clever and gave a new perspective.

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