photography, Western Michigan University

Ashley Huss



Huss_A_nail biting


Ashley Huss
ART 3470: Digital Photography
Digital Prints; 17″ X 11″
40 Images in the series

This series of images showcases both the good and the bad habits that people share. I started taking pictures of the things that I noticed I did as well as what the people around me did. The camera is placed up close to the objects to make it more personal as I am digging into the lives of other people as well army own.

4 thoughts on “Ashley Huss”

  1. I am in love with this concept. Please post more of your work! I think all the pictures are well done, and are interesting to look at. I think the pictures being so close to the subject adds to the drama of the photos. I love the brushing teeth photo!

  2. I enjoy the concept and way that you’ve decreased the depth of field, but aside from the compositional set up I’d suggest leaning more toward the last two shots (in regards to subject matter) that immediately ring as personal and tells me a little about someone where i couldnt quite connect that with the other ones.

  3. The first three images are about mouth. We use it and clean it every day. Even if it is tedious, but still very important to do. I really want to see more photograph about this subject and concept.

  4. I love the concept of this project and the way that the photos are composed. I think what would work really well for this series is to make sure that there is a wide variety of habits, as having two photos of just mouths or habits that have to do with the mouths might be repetitive. Also, as much as I like the composition of the photos, the subjects are all centered, so just be aware of that!

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