5 thoughts on “Ed Ryan”

  1. Both of these photos really captured my attention. I’m not sure if they’re intended to be a diptych or if they are completely independent, but in my opinion, they work either way. I could be wrong, but the first one looks like a contemporary art installation. That is fascinating in its own right. A shoddy false paradise has been created indoors, the outdoor season is left unidentified in the photograph. When paired with the second image, it appears that the installation is an escape from winter. Maybe the sign in the second image is indicating one’s inability to access the created space in the first image. Whether these images were originally intended to be viewed together or not, the associations they bring when paired is inevitable—a viewer will create his or her own ideas about this collaboration.

  2. seeing the pictures together add a weird contrast simply based on the warm vs cool temperatures the colors of both give off. Because of this they have their own independence while strangely going well together. As a comparisson to seasons almost. Without any information on the series future I cant really see these photos computationally, or themes relating.but individually great shots

  3. For the first one, I am confused that it is a documentary piece or a photograph piece. The angle and composition is kind of weird that the center subject is not accentuated. I feel like you can pick up a better spot to shot the first image.

  4. I find the fist image intriguing, since the way in which you portray the space is nearly confusing. But I actually like that about it. It makes me want to look at it in more depth and spend my time examining every inch of the photo. For the sound I think the tonal range is really good, and the framing is strong as well

  5. I think that the two photos are clever seeing as they show contrast between the cold exterior of the building and the makeshift, warm paradise right inside. I’m not sure if they were intended to exist together, but I’m sure all viewers will make the connection. The contrast in color is also very pleasing.

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