6 thoughts on “Kelly Brandon”

  1. This is an interesting look at the world. I like your idea! The first image is particularly my favorite because of the illusion it creates — your composition and the placing of the object directly underneath the car creates a juxtaposition of the size of the object yet the heavy weight it is carrying. I think it can be a metaphor for many groups of people in our society!

  2. I think this is such a cool idea. I would love to see you explore this concept, and show us more pictures with this in mind. I think your composition is really thought out, especially since you’re dealing with such a small object.

  3. this made my day, it almost rings to me as a pixar movie. would definitely be interested in seeing what other scenarios you could place him in. Also interesting future shots could include something thats even smaller than him!

  4. These photos could bring anyone a good mood. The idea of exploring the world through the eyes of such a tiny object is a very interesting concept, and placing it under different levels of stress, such as underneath the car is even more clever. Adorable!

  5. Such a cool perspective to shoot from! The world as a tiny little being really brings out a childhood-like wonder in these images.

  6. I like this idea, but I think the execution might need some work. I am distracted by the brand name on the flashdrive. I also might do a closer framing in the image with the car. I would like to see more images.

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