9 thoughts on “Mike Lind”

  1. I really enjoy your fist image. The tones of the greys are very beautiful and in general I feel that the tonal rang in this image is great. The composite is very good with the walls almost acting as a frame within a frame, the space also really helps to push the eye backward making everything appear to be getting smaller and more compact. Evoking an almost uneasy felling.

  2. I love the depth of the fist photo, how it carries the eye all the way to the back of the photo. The repetition of both the bikes and walls makes for a really cool composition!

  3. I absolutely love the horizontal line all the wall in the first image. The combination of squares and the circular tires of the bikes make it a really intriguing photo.

  4. I love the reputation of the bikes and the natural patterns within your images. Gorgeous compositions and the depth in the first photo really captures my attention.

  5. I like how the walls and pillars frame the bikes and create patterns within the picture. My eye is first drawn to the space above the last bikes and then goes to the first bike.

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