5 thoughts on “Sara Beard”

  1. I thought this concept is really interesting and unique. I can tell you like darker pictures. I think this really adds to the drama of these photos. I think you could have done another pose or two instead of just the two straight on portraits to illustrate more movement. Otherwise I think the photos themselves are very well down and I would like to see the rest of the series!

  2. I think the light reflection of the plastic sheet is really interesting. I am thinking about what that light source is, and because of the property of the plastic which makes the light becomes more visible to the audience.

  3. I really like the concept here, it makes me wonder if these are DnD characters that these people have created for themselves or if they are characters you fit them into. The plastic sheet sticks out to me somewhat, because unless it is part of the character it seems a little out of place when you think about when in time most DnD games would take place.

  4. i think that the use of lighting from a single angle creates an effective approach to the concept that your going for, and brings forth some dramatic undertones in the portraits. I think that by adding some reflective materials similar to the plastic sheet could produce some depth that is lost with the single light source.

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