Kellogg Community College, photography

Anthony Staib



We aren't alone

Anthony Staib
Art-227-02 Digital Color Photo
Digital Prints
Number of Images: 3

Statement about Work: These images portray things I have experienced while asleep. Dreams have always been of great interest to me and nightmares are unfortunately the ones I remember most vividly. These images are glimpses of what I have experienced in these nightmares.

4 thoughts on “Anthony Staib”

  1. extremely creepy and omniscient. I can see the dream like scenes manifesting especially with the way you’ve used color and lighting. both of these elements add a dynamic quality to the series making them more dramatic. curious to see what the non-nightmares would look like

  2. These photographs are extremely creepy. I remember dreams like these that I have had before. The use of color definitely adds to the drama behind each photo. You make me as the viewer want to yell at the person in the photograph to look out!

  3. I really like the first two photos. Their creepy appearances are appealing to me. I like your use of mask and how you mark off the head in the first pic. But I don’t really get the last one. It pulls me out of your dream and really interrupt it. Of course it makes more sense after I read your artist statement since dreams are never cohesive and never make sense. But to me I still expect your series to be consistent in some way.

  4. Compositionally these images are very interesting. The terror of them really comes across in the lighting used. They seem a bit condensed though, maybe from the submission or upload. While that unfortunately detracts from the images, they are still very strong pieces.

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