6 thoughts on “Isabella Stark”

  1. These photographs are beautiful especially the glasses in black and white. The glass make an interesting aesthetic because of the reflections do something interesting with the lighting.

  2. extremely curious to know what the 2nd picture is of. While the shots are taken from angles that bring me into the picture. Compositionally the pictures are great. Future pictures could include the space that the objects are found in?

  3. I think these black and white pictures are beautiful. I might like to see an increase of shadows in the mid-tones, I feel like for the first image you loose some detail in the lighter glass bottles. Overall, really beautiful.

  4. The depth of field in this 1st photo matches exactly what I feel like the human eye sees when in this situation. Other than the 2nd appearing to be some sort of glass I don’t see a connection between the two photos. However, the simplicity and contrast in the last photo is captivating. Reminds me of a chandelier.

  5. These images are very interesting. I love that they are in black and white. I do think the first image needs to be a tad bit darker to give off more shadows to the subject, or dogged and burned on the right side of the image to even out the exposure to give off a better composition. The last image to me looks like it could be broken glass that we are viewing from the ground at eye level. But the image is so over exposed I can’t tell what i am looking at.

  6. I really like the way that you conveyed the texture and transparency of the bottles with varied tones that preserves their unique material properties even without their color. The subtle bowing of the frame due to lens distortion also creates interest and a central focal point. The second, lens-bent photo is also interesting, though I would love to see more detail in the bottom fourth of the frame.

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