15 thoughts on “Jared Eckley”

  1. These images are great. The second one sticks out to me as that one I didn’t think it was a photograph. I think you use color very, very well

  2. I think the color and shape really come together to form a geometric composition. The image is so flat and clean without any depth. I feel like the first and the third ones are stronger than the second one, because the orange bar in the second one seems to be too artificial.

  3. I like the colors you are capturing. they complement each other pretty well. And geometrically, your images are well composed. I see that you are focusing on the details of the buildings and different shapes a part of a building can create, however, in my opinion such up-close image doesn’t draw me in. If there was a new perspective to geometric shapes rather than just capturing them, I think the images would have been more successful. Try different vantage points.

  4. I love how you took ordinary object and transformed them into abstracted geometric shapes. The lines are crisp and sharp which helps with the contrast of the images. The shade in the last image really helps to provide interest and gives the images little extra texture.

  5. the new compositions created look almost painting like which is an extremely pleasing part about the series. while also tying them together with the sky make is an creative element that adds them together at the end. curious to see what kind of compositions you could create during sunset.

  6. These are really beautiful photographic abstractions; it was hard to tell they were even photos at first, and then they appeared digitally manipulated. It’s only upon close examination that I could tell they were actually just really well-shot photographs. Each photo is very simple, but their simplicity does not reduce their power in retaining my interest. I think it’s really important that each of these photos is connected by the sky. The sky in each is clear, void of clouds, and completely flat. The sharp, crisp edges in each photo adds to their geometric abstract quality. Great series.

  7. I love the composition and blocking of these photos. The vibrant colors make the photographs pop so much. The precision of the lines are really pleasing.

  8. The way you have been able to achieve this extreme flatness in your images is incredible. The “quirky” colors also add a dimension to the piece as well. It gives the image a more playful atmosphere.

  9. I like these quite a bit. The colors are strong and the compositions are excellent. You manage to simultaneously create an interesting photograph while also making a geometric composition that falls outside of the norms of photography. I also like the pairing of the three images that you chose- they work well together. I would be interested to see more of your work!

  10. These are sweet! If you flipped them upside down, you might just thing that they’re geometrical paintings instead of photographs of buildings. If you wanted to you could touch up the coloring to make certain colors ‘pop’ even more.

  11. I love the geometry found in everyday surroundings! The color blocking is great and they are crisp clean images with bold lines. The second image (in the middle) I think is the strongest because it is’t centered and has a more complex composition than the other two.

  12. The strongest of your images would be the middle orange one, only because it is so well composed and reminds me of minimalist paintings. This is a really interesting series because you are taking reality and presenting it in a flat color palette and abstracting the way we see the world. This is a great project idea and I am curious to know more about your attraction to geometry as well as seeing more images in the future.

  13. I’m in love with the attention to geometry and color scheme in these pieces. I find that photos that focus on these can be just as good as photos that focus on a subject. My favorite is the second image. Fantastic work!

  14. I love the use of line and color in these! They almost start looking like digital compositions. I suggest looking into applying some gestalt principles in here and try to mess with the perspective and any sense of right or wrong way for the audience.

  15. The best image in this series is defiently the second one. Colors and line works for that specific picture are simple yet contrasting. The other images are also similar but also fantastic in there own way, wonderful work.

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