photography, Western Michigan University

Lilee VandeZande




Lilee VandeZande
ART 3470: Digital Photography 1
Digital Print; 16 in X 11 in
Total photos in the series 40

I chose to cover people’s faces in paint to push them outside of their comfort zone to capture their true emotions and reactions. I wanted to see how each subject reacted and how their emotions varied from one to the other. In the photos shown I have three younger children reacting to the paint being poured over them.

4 thoughts on “Lilee VandeZande”

  1. I think you capture the moment that the person being poured by the paint. However, the children seem to be too conscious of being poured. I feel like it can be more interesting to see the children are poured by the paint without noticing that this gonna happen.

  2. I really enjoy your concept and think you did a good job capturing the emotions that the children are feeling. I like that the emotions vary enough yet they sill have some universality since I think many people would have similar expressions and emotions. I also really enjoy how bright and vibrant the colors are.

  3. the first picture’s reaction is priceless. while this evokes a very nostalgic feeling of old cartoons or game shows. Due to the intensity of the color, the youth’s expressions are kindve emphasized and would be curious if the same effect would result from darker colors or older subjects.

  4. Where did you find these children?? lol. But wow yes these reactions are great and you captured them quite well with lighting. The edits on the kids themselves are good, but the paint feels a bit off, like it’s been photoshopped on. Perhaps you want to lower the contrast in these areas or remove what appear to be drop shadows/burns.

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