4 thoughts on “Nigel Taylor”

  1. The colors of these photographs are beautiful. The way you utilized the back light makes the tablets loos like little galaxies. Very cool photos!

  2. The galaxies and lightplay are quite beautiful. I’m curious about the staging – it seems to benefit lightplay and strongly convey the pill shape, suggesting that these pills are sitting in front of me ready to be taken. I’m wondering if this is intentional. Do you mean to criticize pharma companies, glorify drugs, tell a personal narrative, or something else entirely? On a separate note, I’d love to see a close-up of just one pill.

  3. These are really neat composites, the smooth backgrounds really sell a high-quality look. These could accompany a magazine article or editorial and not feel out of place in any publication. I love the attention to detail on the refracted light cast on the table in the first picture. I would say the out of focus pill in the background of the first photo is too blurred and dark and so is distracting. Otherwise great composition.

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