photography, Western Michigan University

Stephany Bagnall



Stephany Bagnall
ART 3470 – Digital Photography 1
Digital Prints; 16×16 (part of a series)

These are two images from a series of 30 that I’ve been working on this semester. Being a graphic design major and not getting a lot of free time to work on personal work, I’m using this photography class to take back my creativity. Pink is my favorite color, it reminds me of warmth, happiness, and comfort. During a time of the year in Michigan when the sun seldom shines, I wanted to surround myself with work that makes me feel happy! I focused mainly on a wide range textures, some are actually pink, and some are not. I used a Duracell magenta light to light all of these photographs, I tried to stay away from editing in photoshop.

4 thoughts on “Stephany Bagnall”

  1. Both of these photos present a really beautiful pattern and texture. I’m really interested in the theme connecting your series. I think it would be powerful and captivating to see a whole show of large, crisp photos connected through the color pink. One small suggestion I have for the second photo would be to straighten it out so the horizontals are perfectly aligned with the top and bottom edges of the photo—the hint of line at the very top of the photo gives me too strong of a sense of the size and shape of this object. Cropping and straightening this feature might give the photo a more ambiguous overall essence. Other than this minor fix, I think the two photos you have here are a great representation of what else is to come.

  2. I love this photo idea. Using all pink lighting is really cool! Additionally, it has always bothered me that there isn’t a photo process that can achieve this kind of look in development. I like the abstractness of these photos and I like how they fill the screen, even though I wouldn’t usually. Nicely done.

  3. I like that you kept your idea simple and focused on just a color. That leaves a lot of room for interpretation and flexibility. I’d love to see you bring together a bunch of items that are naturally pink and put them with in a shot with a person who is wearing all pink – I think that’d be fun to see a pink overload.

  4. I love the strange sense of depth in the bottom image – it’s so beautiful!! Feels like a rock candy otter flying over a barren landscape. I don’t like the top image quite as much, and I think it has to do with the tonal values. Perhaps experiment with applying the same sort of fading quality to the top image?

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