3 thoughts on “Ashton Butler”

  1. The multitude of voices creates a haunting depiction of a self conscious mind that really seems to stick with you.
    I appreciate the juxtaposition of the gritty imagery within the sterile looking environment you create. It’s visually pleasing and adds more depth to the piece.
    The voicemail at the end is a nice personal touch.
    The only thing I might add is some sort of background noise for the sake of consistency. Unless of course the pauses and silence between your words have an underlying meaning that I missed.

  2. I think this video captures the chaos of the mentally instability that is in most, if not all of us.
    I think the black and white was a good choice, for overall aesthetics.
    I would have to agree with the previous comment that some back ground noise would add to the chaos and the overlapping audios. I don’t think having moments of pure silence should be taken out, but I would add background noise to the audio parts.

  3. This is a very interesting video. I can really see the avant grade inspiration in this film. The images are very beautiful on their own as well as in relation to each other. I also really love the robotic voice in the background it helps get the point you are trying to make across. Great Job!

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