Kellogg Community College, photography

Chris Radford



Chris Radford
ART 230: digital photo
2 0f 8 images

Statement of photos: This is a sample of a 8 piece series sunrises over the Augusta Creek section in Northern Kalamazoo county, that runs through my property. The images in this series were all photographed within a half mile on one another and demonstrates a very different look/feel within that boundary.

11 thoughts on “Chris Radford”

  1. These photo are very beautiful. The colors and tonal range included in these images is what makes them great photos in my opinion. The landscapes seem endless. The way the effects the colors in the sky and also witting the ground of the landscape as well is very attractive to my eye. I also like that these two images feel very different both in tone and composition. Great job!!

  2. the lighting in the top photograph is absolutely stunning! I love that the sun is captured in both photographs as well. Very beautiful landscapes.

  3. Both of these images are extremely beautiful. I believe the natural lighting from the sun has created powerful moments in the picture. These photos are also nicely stretched out because of the wide lens that captures so much environment. There is also a nice fade from blue to yellow in the top photograph as well.

  4. These are lovely. I think the way the sun is shining through the photos adds a lot of depth to the photo. The colors along with the lighting is what brings these images to life. Good work.

  5. Both of them are beautiful. The photographer really captures the light in the nature. The shadow of the tress are so elegant. Also, the tone of these two images are so different that first one is warmer than the second one. I think the different tones really works with the composition and the subject in the image.

  6. I love the framing of your images, and I like that they are unique, they don’t just look like another sunrise/sunset photograph

  7. On the to photo I love the natural lighting from the sun, it is very easy on the eyes, has nice tones of colors

  8. The different hues in images do create different feelings/moods. I think the first one is my personal favorite just because it gives me a warm feeling looking at the snow. the pattern of trees in the second image is balanced with sunlight going through. Great compositions!

  9. My favorite thing about these is the contrast in colors between the two. The first uses warm colors whereas the second uses cool colors. The second one even looks as if it is night and seems to be devoid of saturation. Really impressive!

  10. I enjoy how the second image of the sunrise is not necessarily viewed as a traditional sunrise look… The light is very powerful in that it brings out all the tiny details in the woods. In the first image, I find the shadows to be very powerful and create a romantic and warm feeling.

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