6 thoughts on “Haoran Chang”

  1. First image is awesome. I have looked it several times and just finally notices the faces. Nice compositions on all of the images and good job with multiple exposures on the first.

  2. These images give off an x-ray type of fell because of the green hue change over them all. It is amazing what hues can do for the mood of an image. The top image that uses the ghost shots and light drawing looks like it was layered on top of one another and it is really well fused.

  3. I love the eerie feel of these images, especially the last one.
    I also enjoy the effect of the long exposure’s in the first two images. Very interesting work.

  4. Within the first image, I think its very abstract and dynamic quality. I great use of the long exposure in capturing the motion of the light and human figure. It feels like constant eerie feeling watch the viewers very move.

  5. I love the use of a long exposure in the second image. The way the lights from the cars gets stretched really highlights the motion of the cars. Well done!

  6. This first image is intriguing. I’m not sure to look at the faces or the smoke first. The lettering on the shirt becomes a little distracting as I’m wondering what word is supposed to be spelled out. The patterns of the lights from the car is thought provoking in the 2nd image, makes me wonder who is coming and who is going. My favorite picture is the last one, you can feel the curve in this building. The lines that flow from left to right leaves the viewer to imagine what the continuation is. The details pop and draw you into the space which in turn leads you to the person standing in the archway…. beautiful contrast.

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