Kellogg Community College, photography

Maria Sidor



Maria Sidor
Art 227: Digital Color Photography
Surrealism Series (2)

The first photograph was an experiment with layering different images. The second photo was my first time working in a studio and using the different filters available on photoshop – I inverted only the eyes and hands and used repetition of the eyes and arm. Both are part of a surrealism series.​

4 thoughts on “Maria Sidor”

  1. The first image is my favorite, because it has a subtle transition to the next layer. I think you have executed the surrealism in the first image smoothly, whereas the second image seems a little overdone. I think for the second image using just one of the elements you have used — colors, layering, filter– would have suffice.

  2. Scrolling through this site, these pictures caught my eye. I appreciate you putting some experimental work on here – it’s a fresh of breath air. These are ambitious and have strong ideas behind them. I think that as you use Photoshop more, your images will start to look more seamless and less…well, Photoshoped. Good work!

  3. These are definitely unnerving, but in a good way! The first picture gives me a sense of feeling trapped in that house, kind of like the movie Beetle Juice. I can feel the pace of my breath change when i look at it.

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