Mississippi State University, photography

Ronnie Robinson




Ronnie Robinson
ART 3233 : Studio Lighting
Digital prints; 20″x20″
Diorama : series of 3

This small series is about growth and acceptence in the home. As a young adult, I often feel like I am out growing my families opinions and traditions in order to form my own. On occasion, I am looked at, as if I am still a child. This diorama represents specific places in my home where I have made the transition from child to adult.

8 thoughts on “Ronnie Robinson”

  1. I really enjoy these images, the framing that is being done with the actual object add so much detail and depth to this image. With the way in which you took the photos it almost feels as though I am the toy that the little girl is peering at. I think you did a good job communicating your concept the emotion and intent is very clear.

  2. These photos are beautiful. I agree that the frame within the frame is very strong and working well in these photos. I also like the simplicity of the diorama because it helps give a sense of isolation that many of us feel when we are going through transitions in our lives.

  3. the photos alone are exceptional, but along with the artist statement, you convey another level of beauty and feeling. Such a smart concept as you conveyed a universal feeling so clearly. My own critique of the set of photos is the similarity of the eye/look given in the top photo compared to the middle photo. But other than that, great job!

  4. The framing of your photos is exceptionally strong. I think these images have so much depth and detail, and every choice is seen as it has a purpose. I would love to see more!

  5. These are excellent examples of framing and how lighting and colors can create a a very powerful and distinct feeling. Without reading the description, the images gave me a feeling of melancholy- the girl appears dismal but curious. Great subject matter and use of light.

  6. You relayed your theme very well in these images. I can feel restriction and the feeling of outgrowing something. The composition and framing are very strong in these images! Nicely done

  7. The way you have presented your theme is smart and creative, and the feelings of restriction and limitations can be felt especially in the first and last images. I think you have also tackled the technicality of the images as well.

  8. Your images are exceptional and really connect with your artist statement. I am curious to know what made you decide to work with this concept and how might it evolve the older you get. They are well composed images and really speak to being a child and wanting to grow up but also still trying to hold on to the essence of childhood. Overall, this is a great series and looking forward to seeing more.

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