8 thoughts on “Cameron Smith”

  1. I like the light and shadow in the first image. The sunshine comes from the left which is in balance with the lady who is sleeping.

  2. These pictures are beautiful. Lighting is great. The tonal range is great. The framing is great. Everything is great. The messy blankets is such a cool photo that I would never have thought messy blankets could look so beautiful.

  3. the lighting in the images are great, especially the shadows in the first image. The prints are well executed: filters, exposure, etc. I think the second image would have had a different impact if it was taken from a similar level to the bed — a different perspective.

  4. I love how natural these look! The lighting makes you feel like you’re there with the person. They’re very raw, you did a great job.

  5. I love the images you have posted. It is very relatable to everyone, but such unique pictures. I wouldn’t have thought to capture something like this The lighting is amazing and inspiring to attempt an image like this.

  6. The bottom photo has such a warm and comfy feeling. It makes me want to just crawl in and sleep forever. I love that this is in black and white. It allows me to fill in the blankets and background in with whatever colors I would want them to be. It lets me connect to the photo more than if all the color was there. There is also so many textures in this photo that add to give to the comfy feeling. For example one of the pillows you can see all of the little fuzzy texture.

  7. I really enjoy your composition in the first photo because the woman looks like nothing can phase her. I think it would interesting if you took the same photo without the woman in the image, but the same composition. This way, you would be able to see the imprint the person left behind.
    Besides that, I like the contrast in your photos because it has a nice balance of highlights to shadows. It also gives off a dream-like vibe because of a little bit of blurriness in the photos.
    I also think it is a little eerie because the girl’s eyes are slightly open revealing her eye. This gives the image a surreal feel to the photo which I really enjoy.
    Awesome photo!

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