4 thoughts on “Cameron Smith”

  1. I love the light painting one. Looks like you spent a lot of time and put a lot of thought into this one. The man at the bus stop is beautiful. It draws me in, to almost a conversation, or i guess, im wondering what the guy is thinking. Beautiful photos.

  2. The light painting one is awesome. I think you spent a lot of time planning this and it just turned out great. It is such a fun image and brings me back to when I first started photography and just messed around with light painting.

  3. the light painting turned out really well! The fact that the surroundings of the person is lit up adds to the context as well. The composition of the second image, and the positioning of the bus driver is thought provoking; I just can’t stop looking at it! The print technique is on point.

  4. The light painting image is your strongest of the pair and would enjoy seeing more images like that. The portrait at the bottom is also well composed, street photography is something that has always fascinated me and I feel like you captured the essence of the man waiting at the bus stop. Overall your lighting, composition, and presentation is very clean and professional.

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