6 thoughts on “Jenni Kilburn”

  1. I would love to know you inspiration behind these photos. your framing looks great, and the saturation of the colors is spot on. I absolutely love the first one. I would like to see more photos that are like that one. Overall these photos are gorgeous.

  2. the introduction given by the first photo allows the viewer to get a glimpse at the personality/mood of the series where the hands are stained slightly red, however im curious to the actual relation between the well composed images that impact me each in a different way

  3. really good job on composition and framing.The first image is absolutely stunning. I love the softest and the short depth of field.

  4. The first image is composed very well, with the focal point on the hand. It sets up a specific emotion/mood that is quite contradictory to the other two images. I like the composition of all images.

  5. The last photograph stood out to me the most because of the way the model is positioned. It gives you curiosity feeling of what she may looking at. The focus on the face first is something that gives it a curious feeling too.

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