4 thoughts on “Kate Blankenstein”

  1. I love the different textures in these images. Even though it is the same wood, you were able to pick up the texture of the bedding and the beads. The contrast in the bottom one is a little to high for me.

  2. I like that you chose to photograph small objects, often times there is so much detail in the little things that people tend to ignore or not see. I also enjoy that your lighting is very natural and compliments the objects that you chose to photograph. I would like to see more objects within the photos and maybe playing around with lighting a little more, so that each object is given a chance to illuminate. Overall great series, and looking forward to more images.

  3. I really enjoy the way the lighting reflects off of the wood paneling and shelving in these images- it really brings out the color and gives the images a warm, home-y feel. These photos give off an intimate feel because of the close range in which they were shot- and the dark wood backgrounds frame and emphasize the subjects very well.

  4. I have always had a thing for little sculptures and I absolutely love your theme here. I didn’t notice that your photos were of dollhouses until I saw the lipstick in the second photo.
    All of the colors in your images go very well together because of the dark shadows and high contrast. I can also see an apparent mood in the three images. It seems as if someone had abandoned this house and these are just images of the leftover items.
    I think you’re also really creative in making all of your props. Every item goes well together and nothing seems out of place.
    The compositions are all at a table-side view which gives the idea of a person looking in and living in the photo.
    Great pics overall!

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