Kellogg Community College, photography

Lee West





Lee West
Art 227 Digital Color Photography
Pigmented Inkjet Print

There are a total of twelve images in this series. The series as a whole attempts to depict pollution, waste and recycling, which will hopefully cause the viewer to contemplate their impact on the environment. The image with the triangle structure was printed at 40″x26″, mounted, framed and entered in our Student Art Exhibit (at this time I do not know if it has been accepted for actual display in the exhibit).

2 thoughts on “Lee West”

  1. I’m not sure if it was purposeful or unintentionally but the first, second, and last image lack focus or clarity. I think if that was your goal you should have pushed it a little further. The first and last image have so beautiful blues in the images which i think drives the environmental concept further.

  2. For your concept, did you chose to have the first and last image pilled and poured in order to show pollution in the air – giving it more of a visual aspect. I could understand from that point if you have tired to do it but I am not sure if it translate. You might want to soften the effect or maybe give it a gray haze in the sky. Overall cool concept!

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