10 thoughts on “Leslie Graham”

  1. I think the portraits are well done. The images are sharp and the light setting is good. Subject matter, I want to have more color to cover the body. Also, considering the deadly sins, from my perspective the images are not strong enough to convey the sins. They are more like a great looking portraits.

  2. I think this idea is so freaking cool. I would love to see the other 7 photos that are in the series. I think you lit your models well, and I think your models are portraying what you want to to get across.

  3. I really enjoy your idea and think the images look great. The technical execution is great. I think the one my eye is draw to most is the middle image of lust, his pose for some reason seems the most natural yet the sin you are trying to communicate is clear to me. Great job overall.

  4. As mentioned before I would definitely like to see the other images within the series and love the fact that envy is the only one containing two, however, i dont entirely relate color or pose to sin in some of them which I believe could be helped by prop or another person potentially added into the pictures.

  5. This is a great idea for a series and the lighting definitely pulls the images together. I would be curious to see you play with the idea of the 7 deadly sins without objects (credit cards etc.) and place them in public settings. Overall this is a great project and looking forward to seeing more work.

  6. I really enjoy this series of pictures. I especially like the third picture. The light really works with the two subjects and also the black background. There are amazing contrasting colors throughout such a simple picture. The green paint stands out so much on her pale skin and the blue blends in with his tan skin tone. Also the expression on both of their faces are very different. He looks as if he doesn’t care about her at all and her expression is the complete opposite. A very interesting, but simple picture.

  7. I am going to be quite honest, I really like these pictures and I think they are very well composed self portraits. But I have an issue with the second image in the sense that I feel that I don’t get a lustful vibe from him or the image really. Yes he is very attractive and his position and placement is very sensual, but I feel that maybe if there was another person in the image and they were close/touching then maybe I would get the lustful feel from the image.

  8. I love the idea of using color to represent the 7 sins. I do hope that the models were covered by more paints and painted on different parts body though. I agree with Myles that the emotions are not exceptionally strong, but I could see them after reading the captions.

  9. I like this series. The paint really adds a visual pop. The lighting is well done, the only thing I might say is that maybe the first image is a little bit too literal? Or obvious?

  10. This is an interesting concept to see come to life. My only suggestion would be to work with the lighting more. Being in a studio gives you the full advantage of how you can make each image particular to each sin. I think that could really build upon what you already have in a productive and easy way.

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