14 thoughts on “Sara Beard”

  1. Looking at the first and second images. I wouldn’t have guessed these are little houses! the lighting in the first one is really good. If the third image was flipped 180 degrees, it would have felt like that the viewer is actually in the image, looking up the ceiling. Overall, the lighting in the image has a nice contrast to the warm tones of the windows.

  2. the lighting in each of the photos give a very eerie vibe that assist in the creepiness presented by the shade of the cardboard however, I salute your ability to create new images/houses from such delicate material. would be interested in seeing the actual scales entire house for comparison/reference

  3. From the photos, I would have never known that the images were tiny! The lightning looks so natural and is done very well. The shadows created really add to the image giving the different shades throughout the image. Very cool!

  4. I really enjoy the concept and it gives the photos a playful vibe from the hobby you had as a child. The use of the backlighting in the paper windows draws my attention and the details are very rich.

  5. Photographing staged houses is a really interesting practice. The lighting is subtle and soft which plays nicely with the delicate nature of the tiny houses. In your statement, you do not talk about the feelings that creating these tiny houses gave you, but by the way lighting, color and angle is treated in these images, I find that it must have been a somewhat unsettling one. The are a bit eerie as one commenter has already stated. Perhaps that’s the feeling you wanted your viewers to experience. If not, I would reconsider the way in which you are presenting these places.

  6. I feel very cramped when i look at these! You did a very good job making these feel like small spaces; the corners, the angles, and the lighting all contribute to this.

  7. It really suprises me to know that these spaces are created out of cardboard and paper. They look like real rooms. For me they evoke a felling of loneliness yet comfort due to the lighting. The emptiness of the spaces makes me focus on the lighting and the all the varying shadows and deeper colors.

  8. These images are extremely interesting in that they offer a unique perspective into your memories as well as create a fictional world. Your lighting works well with your images and I like the different angles that you give use, creating a sort of abstraction to the fact that this is a small house. My suggestion would to continue playing around with this idea and start adding color or different angles of light to see what comes through the little houses. Overall, great images and I definitely see a strong series in the works.

  9. The concept here is really interesting because it recreates a snapshot of life from a long time ago. The lighting is amazing in these makeshift houses, and the ideas of windows and walls is really creative. I can suggest making the houses more home-y and I only say that because I get a sense of emptiness and loneliness with these pictures when I’m sure you didnt mean that.

  10. This concept is incredible. I didn’t even realize these were tiny rooms at first. I love how you used different papers to create different textures and lighting.

  11. This causes a weird juxtaposition of sensations. When I looked at the windows I felt that they weren’t real windows, but the lighting caused me to feel differently. But then I read your description, and was very surprised. Really interesting work!

  12. I really like the lighting in all of these images. You did a really good job with the lighting and composition. You took each picture at a different angle and all of the images go really well together. It reminds me of the inside of a scary house.

  13. The first glance I took at your image, I thought it was just a picture of a wall with a grid-like window. This just shows how realistic your photo looks. I really appreciate all of the lighting efforts you put through the image. The White brightness in the first photo especially adds to this realness in the image. I also like the different shading on the brown paper in the back. I really enjoy the way it looks because there are so many colors within that brown background.

    Your other two photos go really well with your theme. I also think there’s definitely something nostalgic about your pieces, which reminds me of your intent: childhood toyhouses.

    Overall, great photo and theme! I think you did a really good job of putting everything together and making it look consistent.

  14. There is so much contrast between the straight lines/sharp corners of the walls and the softness of the light from the windows. I like the high contrast in the first image and how the darkest and lightest areas are right next to each other; also the burnt-orange color of the window really stands out against the greyness of the walls. The composition of the third image also caught my attention, and I like that the diagonals and canted angle makes it feel like the house is moving.

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