4 thoughts on “Whitney White”

  1. I think the content of your photograph is strong. I think the curvature of the lines compared to the straight horizon line is provoking. In my opinion, which might just be a preference, is I would increase the contrast. There are a lot of mid tones and not as many really brights or darks that would grab my attention. Overall, having never seen Memphis, I think this is a compelling shot.

  2. This is such great shot. Its very familiar. Very nice use of lines to keep the eyes dancing around the image. I would think about getting more of the lake into the image to add some contrast between the business of the beltling and the stillness of the lake.

  3. I just love this shot. I think the use of lines draws the viewer from side to side and really allows for a lot of movement within the photograph. I would love to see more like this!

  4. This is a gorgeous image. It really captures the chaos of the city and how much the industrial world affects our lives. The movement of the bridges and roads definitely keep your eye drawn to the image. And I love the values that you chose to print this image because it is not too overpowering since the subject is so chaotic. It is a good balance between the chaos of the city and the calmness of the water. Overall, you did a great job with your image.

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