Mississippi State University, photography

Latrice Scott


Latrice Scott
ART 3233: Digital Photography
Digital print; 30″ x 20″

The concept behind this image is contemporary landscape.The reason why i chose this image is because I wanted the viewer to understand that this was once someones property and now it is sitting there with nature. The car is aging with nature. Nature is starting to take over. Also the owner of the car has no longer giving this car attention so it becomes invisible to that human’s eye.

Mississippi State University, photography

Sara Beard






Sara Beard
ART 3233 Studio Lighting
Digital Prints
Series of 10

Statement: This project is a continuation of an earlier project that explored characters. Like the first set of images I had my models act our their characters from the game Dungeons&Dragons. People gives characters the ideal characteristics and these characteristics are innately part of their personalities.

Mississippi State University, photography

Jenna Todd





Jenna Todd
ART 3873 Digital Photography
digital prints; 6 x 9 in
10 images in the series

statement: While preparing for my series, I knew I wanted to focus on how the light fills and affects the space. As I was focusing on the light, I also wanted to capture details, and focus on specific things in the church that meant something to me. There is something so unique and special about this church, and what it means to my family. The colors captured in each image, was something that really drew me in as a photographer. The mood created from the stain glass windows added an amazing touch to my series. Since this church is so special to my family and I, I wanted to document the space when there wasn’t anyone in it. I find it interesting to capture how details and light truly affect such a quiet and peaceful place. Many important people in my life have come and gone from this church, so I found it important to document not only the details and light captured in the space, but how special it truly is and how this church has influenced my life.