13 thoughts on “Aida Ebrahimi”

  1. The window seems to really look well within the framing of the photograph. It seems light the rectangular shape in the window mirrors the frame and compositionally works well. The window also provides this dramatic lighting effect that goes into the frame.

  2. Out of these two photographs the second one draws me in the most. The contrast and range of tones creates great depth. The subject matter is of an intimate and personal space which also gives it an inviting yet vulnerable vibe.

  3. My favorite thing about these two photos is that they are paired together. It gives a comforting feeling of being out in the cold all day and then coming home to a cozy bed.

  4. I really love the sense of motion I get form the first image. The second has a very milky color about it with the light that is coming in for the window. I really love the two scenes you are painting with these images. Great Job!

  5. Great traditional black & white images! You have a strong sense of understanding light, especially with the window image, and I would like to see more work utilizing your talent for balancing light. Again, your strongest image is the window photograph because their is a strong sense of intimacy within the photograph as well as touching on the idea of personal space. Again, you have a great eye for capturing light and you should play around with more photographs that focus on using natural settings and lighting.

  6. I love all of these black and white photos! I like the motion of the first photo, it feels like the bike is still moving. The symmetry of the bike and capital in the middle. It looks like the picture has so much depth because of the distance between the biker and the capital.

  7. I really love these black and white images. Especially the one of the bed and the window. I think this is such a strong image compositionally and theoretically. It is absolutely beautiful.

  8. I enjoy the high contrast of black and white in the second image. The bed image creates a mood that is calm and comfortable. I think it is a strong composition. Black and white is also my favorite type of photography.

  9. I loved the use of light in the window photo. I think making it black and white really hi lighted the space and created a mood. I’m not sure of the intent but it makes me feel like the inside of the room is depressed and cold, but there is hope on the outside. Almost like if I lived in that space I would just want to get outside, but that it’s inhabited by someone who doesn’t want to leave their surroundings.

  10. I think the way that the cloth is positioned in the second image is very clever, and I really like the gradient on the it.

  11. I like the motion blur on the biker in the middle of the street, it looks very cool, whe white snow add a extra contrat that make the picture looks very good.

  12. I love the composition of both pictures! I love the contrast which creates great tonal range! Both picture portrays winter which gives them similar vibe.

  13. These pictures go extremely well together in that the subject is led to the center of the photo in both cases. I like the way they go together, The first picture sort of serves as an introduction to the location, and the second is an even more accurate representation of location. It’s like these together create an introduction for a film series about your life.

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