7 thoughts on “Aida Ebrahimi”

  1. I think that the emotions/mental state of the subjects here are conveyed fairly well. As for composition, I would suggest giving a little bit more blank space or openness to your images. In the first image, I would have liked to have seen a little bit more of the person’s head and a tiny bit more of the scenery beyond the courtyard. In other words, I might suggest that you tip the camera up a tiny bit. In the other image, although it depicts chaos very well, I would say that either being closer up or having one area without that chaos might add to the photo. At this point, my eyes don’t know where to go– if you want the point of focus to be on the subject, then right now I am getting a little bit too distracted by everything else around them. Overall, great job!

  2. This is an interesting look into the way you have conveyed others emotions. I am curious as to how you came across this idea and how you interacted with your subjects. The images overall are beautiful but at the same time I feel like there is a lack to understanding the emotions of the individuals that you photographed. It would be great to see some sort of backstory as to why you chose this subject matter and the reason why you also chose the people that you chose. I think this is a strong topic and would suggest diving further into understanding the human mind and the way we as humans interact with our own subconscious.

  3. I really enjoy the second images. The emotions and mental state of the person are immediately recognizable yet there is still some mystery. Though I can sense an emotion I will never be able to know the exact feelings that the subject is having. The room gives a good amount of detail and helps with trying to discover what the issue is. Great images for causing the audience to think.

  4. Being inside people’s minds is certainly a difficult task and a huge one to take on photographically. That being said, I really think these images are emotional. In the first one, the perspective that you shot in brings us into that person’s world. And in the second one, the movement of the figure brings a real sense of urgency and uneasiness.

  5. I think the second image is a lot stronger than the first one. I think the second one portrays the emotion of the person a lot more, or at least is easier to comprehend. I think the ghost like image really helps show mental health a lot, I would love to see the final project!!

  6. I like the second image more, just because it puts us into the head of the subject more than the top image does. Yes, the point of view in the top one does to an extent simulate mentality and thoughts, but the second one uses elements of exaggeration. Our minds usually exaggerate things and when that is portrayed in a photograph it makes it more visceral.

  7. The tonal qualities in these images are really beautiful. There’s a certain mood being portrayed in both images, and I would love to see more of the images in the series. The way you’re framing the subject allows the viewer to take on their own perspective of what is happening beneath the skin.

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