6 thoughts on “James Cox II”

  1. I see that this work was done for a lighting class. Bleeding out the figure into the pure black of the background is really strong here. In my opinion, it tells me a lot about this character, which I know nothing about on my own. His mystery is made stronger through your lighting and editing techniques.

  2. I love the concept here! I think that’s from Mortal Kombat! The prominence of black in this portrait definitely adds to the dark mood and compliments the character, but for some reason I wish I could see more of him. Other than that the photo’s quality and the editing done is really nice as well

  3. Hey James,

    This is great, it looks like it could be the thumbnail that shows when you select this character in the video game. It looks like he’s about to sneak away into the darkness! I think I would have the same critic as Sam (above) in saying that I too am interested to see more of this costume in the photo. But maybe that is a good thing -you’ve kept this character mysterious by hiding part of him.

    Anyway, well done!

  4. I love how the subject blends into the background. It creates a nice smooth transition from looking at the black behind him to the color on his attire. There’s a sense of mystery to it!

  5. The contrast in the images caused the subjects and the color of his costume to stand out. The colors that are normally more nude are much more vivid. The image and the positing of the subject in relation to the lighting highlight details without over powering. Good job!

  6. I love how you made the subject fade off into the black background. I would love to see this as part of a series. Very well done!

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