17 thoughts on “Jenna Todd”

  1. I absolutely love the lighting in all three images! My favorite is the third image with the toilet, great composition and planning to have the light showcase the green toilet! Well done!

  2. As the title? suggest an interesting use of Dramatic light, combined with the shadows it draws you in. I also find the color combined (the cabinets) with deterioration to be very interesting, the color still showing some life, but the deterioration showing that it has long past.

  3. These photos do a really good job of expressing a mood or vibe that I feel very strongly when I look at them. The composition and location of the photographer (at a distance from the scene, outside of the door) indicates your relationship with the location well- that you are an outsider in this rundown place. Great job!

  4. I am immediately drawn to the colors emphasized by the vignetting style and love the color palette! I especially like the use of lighting in the first image. The subject and setting really catch my attention and creates a subtle narrative. Great work!

  5. The natural lighting inside this abandoned house plays a huge part in setting the mood. Considering how most inhabited places have working lightbulbs and electricity to light rooms of a house when the suns light isn’t enough, this house is abandoned and has no electricity to brighten the rooms and make them look more lively. This adds to the loneliness and depravity of the photos.

  6. I really enjoy the second image, i feel like the lighting in that image truly gives a mood and draws me into the details. The colors are dulled yet sill presents which makes the it seem even more worn down. The light illuminates just enough of the ground of me to want to linger and look around the image more, I do love the drop into the shadow though it blanches the image. Great work!

  7. The angle of view in the first image is great — same eye level as the cabinet and this feature of the image highlights the destructiveness of the setting. I wish you have chosen a unique angle of view for the other two as well. Lastly I think the lighting in all three images highlight elements in the photo appropriately.

  8. The lighting in your images are well composed as well as the composition of the subject themselves are interesting. The light really draws your eyes to the main focus of the images and the colors really add to the very somber scene. I would suggest playing with lighting a bit more and working with either artificial lighting to make your images pop even more or find ways to play around with the use of natural light. The vignetting of the images are a bit distracting and I would like to see more images without the dark corners. Overall, great images!

  9. These are some great urban exploration shots. My favorite thing about these is that the lighting literally highlights the objects of interest within each photograph.

  10. I love the lighting in these images. It adds to the composition of the photograph’s, and draws the eye in. The subject matter itself tells some sort of story, so it would be interesting if you used the lighting to portray more of that story. I think that would enhance your photo’s even more!

  11. The lighting in these images is really powerful. It gives the images an emotional affect. They tell a real story, one that I would love to have in words. These could be used for great catharsis by the viewer.

  12. I like the accentuation of color to the few objects that do have it due to the dullness of the setting. it creates an interesting juxtaposition of mood and colors. The content of these pictures draws me in and leaves me wondering who occupied this space before and why it is now vacant.

  13. I really enjoy the composition of these images. I feel the theme of the abandoned look really makes these pictures. The dark lighting adds to the emotion in the pictures. In the first image, I really like the angle taken at, not normal eye level, it gives the image a story.

  14. The moody lighting fits so well with these images, but I love how there are slight pops of the blue colors. All of that together really makes this series strong and draws you in!

  15. Really great use of lighting in these images. I think the composition of the first two is the strongest. The colors, the leaves and dirt littering the ground really give the images some interest and grit.

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