Mississippi State University, photography

Jenna Todd





Jenna Todd
ART 3873 Digital Photography
digital prints; 6 x 9 in
10 images in the series

statement: While preparing for my series, I knew I wanted to focus on how the light fills and affects the space. As I was focusing on the light, I also wanted to capture details, and focus on specific things in the church that meant something to me. There is something so unique and special about this church, and what it means to my family. The colors captured in each image, was something that really drew me in as a photographer. The mood created from the stain glass windows added an amazing touch to my series. Since this church is so special to my family and I, I wanted to document the space when there wasn’t anyone in it. I find it interesting to capture how details and light truly affect such a quiet and peaceful place. Many important people in my life have come and gone from this church, so I found it important to document not only the details and light captured in the space, but how special it truly is and how this church has influenced my life.

6 thoughts on “Jenna Todd”

  1. I really enjoy the last picture in this series. It caught my attention because of its’ vibrant colors. The color on the window, makes a very interesting effect on the map. The light seeping through the window pulls out the colors that are on the map. This picture makes an old map so much more interesting.

  2. I see the first three working well together and the last image kind of on its own. Its not as dark as the rest of the images! My favorite is the first image. I love that the window doesn’t completely span the entire image. Although there seems to just be darkness where the light isn’t shining, you can still see some detail in there! Awesome job!

  3. Light in churches is always really beautiful. I think if you’re trying to share positive memories with the viewer you should just be mindful of every detail, like angles you are shooting from (low angle of the pews) and the lighting itself. Sometimes when an image is really dark and things are left to the imagination to fill in, it can seem like an uneasy environment. But that could be from my own history of growing up in churches and really not enjoying it. Every viewer you have will bring their own baggage to all work, I think especially if it has political or religious ideas in it.

  4. Your sense of lighting in the images really pair well with your statement. I feel a sense of calm when looking at these images as well as a happy silence. The colors are extremely vibrant yet at the same time very subdued, creating a unique experience to the images. My suggestion is to play with lighting from different times of the day (morning, afternoon, sunset, night) and see what different effects the windows play on your scenes. Overall, I enjoy this series and looking forward to seeing more images.

  5. I love seeing and sensing intimacy in photographs, especially these. What attracts me the most are the points of view combined with the color of the stained glass windows filling the church. To me that creates a holistic effect of nostalgia. I think that the brain exaggerates certain traits in memories, and the little bit of exaggeration in the color can really create a powerful nostalgic feeling.

  6. I really enjoy how all of these images have a cyan undertone. It really helps to give them unity and tie the spaces together. I feel like you carpeted the sense of the church well and it makes me feel involved in the spaces and gives me insight. Great Job!

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