2 thoughts on “Keith Kellum”

  1. While I think that the lighting in these images is done well and probably fulfills the class requirements, I think that conceptually, they are a bit heavy handed. At first, I wonder if they are trying to bring humor into these scenes, especially with the third image. But then I come back to the fact that they are pretty strongly supporting negative stereotypes around crime in general, but then at the same time, these people are clearly not in hard times because they look healthy and happy to be doing what they are doing. And of course, I’m sure they are either yourself, or your classmates so that makes sense. Overall though, The lighting is strong and reminds me of old black and white cinematography.

  2. The contrast between the subject and the background is interesting. Even though the background is very busy the subject doesn’t get lost within it. In the first image the lighting slows the subject to stand away from the wall it gives the image depth. Overall great job!

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