Mississippi State University, photography

Latrice Scott


Latrice Scott
ART 3233: Digital Photography
Digital print; 30″ x 20″

The concept behind this image is contemporary landscape.The reason why i chose this image is because I wanted the viewer to understand that this was once someones property and now it is sitting there with nature. The car is aging with nature. Nature is starting to take over. Also the owner of the car has no longer giving this car attention so it becomes invisible to that human’s eye.

9 thoughts on “Latrice Scott”

  1. I love how this photo emphasizes how transparent man-made social constructs are; specifically property. Property is all man-made, and in the void where there are no social constructs and only nature, that truck no longer belongs to any person.

  2. I love the colors of these images. The subtle contrast between the car and the natural surroundings is very pleasing to the eye. The lighting and the makes the whole images have a bit of a haze which I really enjoy!

  3. I think this photo is awesome. The use of the greenery as a filter over the entire thing is awesome and the composition is excellent. Great job.

  4. I can’t tell if the leaves on the car are natural or you put a layer on it; in any case it looks really nice! The lighting highlights green/yellow hue in contrast to the blue car.

  5. I also can’t tell if the leaf design on the car is photoshopped or not. Regardless, I like it. The way the car is framed in the image draws my eyes to the right. What is thd car looking at out in those woods?

  6. I love the rich texture happening in this photo! From the leaf reflections on the car to the sunlight leaking from the tree branches, the colors make everything look so alive!

  7. This image definitely showcases how nature can reclaim what humans have changed. It really speaks to the power of nature that many people do not see in the course of daily life. Very powerful image.

  8. I find it interesting that the colors in the car are repeated with the background. I love it when the man-made world meshes with the natural world. The highlights in this image really naturalizes nature, it seems heavenly almost. Also, the overlay of leaves on the car is a nice touch to drive your concept home. I think the concept could be elaborated further, but I am excited to see what else you post like this!

  9. I love the continuous hues of green and blue that run throughout this photo. It ties it all together very nicely. I love the concept of nature taking over man made objects, this is a great example of that. Well done!

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