7 thoughts on “Max Eggert”

  1. It’s interesting to me that these were shot on film and developed in the darkroom because the subject matter is so shiny and new. The juxtaposition of those two things is what drew me in. I don’t know anything about cars, and I’m not really interested in advertising, but I can say that these appear like auto advertisements. Although, if the point of these images is to showcase the vehicle, I wouldn’t have cropped the way you did with the sides of the car being cut off in both images. Pulling back just a bit with the camera to include the whole thing would have been just as dynamic of a shot. Choosing a white car was a good choice for the stark contrast of these images.

  2. the first image has a great lighting, and the print has nice shades of gray. the cropping on the second image doesn’t work as much as the first image. The second image, compared to the first one, needs to be lighter just a little. I like the idea behind the set — I am curious to see what other images are in your set.

  3. The first image has strong contrast and tones. I think that’s what makes the image so powerful. The car looks very prominmate and luxurious, the blurred out background make is so the eye stays in the fire ground. Great job!

  4. These photographs have caught my attention because I was at an auto show that I believe had this car on display. I actually like the second photograph more because the lines really draw you onto the exhaust pipe and that shows that this car has some horse power to it. I like how you took two photographs that make it seem as though they are of the same car but they are two different cars.

  5. I like the lighr reflect on the metal surface of the car, it looks amazing. The tone range is very shollow, and made this picture very high constact.

  6. Both of these photos have nice framing – good choice in not including the whole car in the shot (I think that would look too plain). I like the contrast in the first photo, but I think that it’s technically overblown because you can’t see the detail in the logo. I’d be curious to see a less contrasty version would look like. Otherwise these are very beautiful!

  7. Both of these pictures are interesting to me because I am a car enthusiast myself. But I reckon that you could definitely improve on the quality of your scanning process since the boarder doesn’t look nice. You did do a pretty good job in capturing the reflection on film though. Nice job!

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