3 thoughts on “Max Eggert”

  1. Max,

    These are some cool prints -being a student from Madison I easily recognize these scenes. In the first photo I like how you have to wonder through the frame with your eye to eventually get to seeing the capital. In the second one I like the amount of contrast and how the blurry car adds movement to the photo, though it looks like the print is warped and the some of the edges should be further cropped out.

    Overall, great job!

  2. I love how these photos look old even though they were taken recently. Obviously the age of the camera and the type of film plays into this, but the subject matter you chose doesn’t necessarily look that new. Science Hall looks ancient; there are no cars or new technology in that photo therefor creating that convincing effect. Even that bridge in the bottom photo looks old. Besides the car, that 1970’s architecture pairs well with the film effect.

  3. The framing in this top photo captured my eye as I was scrolling. The buildings in the background seem like a backdrop to the silhouette of this beautiful tree. The lines and composition make for an overall beautiful photograph.
    There is no information to go with if the photos should be a series but the repetition in the composition is very obvious. I would have liked to have seen the 2nd picture rotated clockwise just by a smallest fraction.

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