10 thoughts on “Mike Lind”

  1. I like how these pictures are mysterious. It’s up for a lot of interpretation. I especially like the second! To me it looks like a scull of an animal, but could look so different to someone else. I really love black and white photography and blurry effect, which I think adds to the photo making it more of a mystery.

  2. These images are so interesting. They play with the very idea of photography being a representation of a thing. There is no reference to size in these images either, leaving the viewer to bring their own baggage and interpretations to the photographs. I find myself not wanting to know what is here because the wondering is a huge part of what drew me to them in the first place. I enjoy not knowing.

  3. These Images are very mysterious in that it is hard to discern what they are representing. The texture of the images is very milky since the edges and outlines are very blurred. The colors have a gradual gradient rather then harsh lines which also helps with the obscurity. They certainly have a haunting effect.

  4. Despite the fact that these images are blurry, I love how there is still depth to them. Especially in the first one, the different shades of white and grey create a receding effect.

  5. I especially like the non-representational aspect of these photos. Both the blur and the actual subject matter creates this sense of unknown. That’s definitely what makes them so spooky and erie.

  6. This is a strong body of work and looking forward to seeing more of what you have to offer. I would suggest looking at the artist Ken Rosenthal, who works with traditional black & white photography but achieves this soft blur that you also are working with. The tones are what I feel bring out the depth of the images and seeing how you create such a delicate composition just with that, amazes me. Overall great work!

  7. I think this is very interesting, and think you have done a good job. The whole picture itself is blurry and milky but not in a bad way. I think the whole series is probably about something mysterious and that is seen through these photographs.

  8. I can think of so many interpretations of your work, they give people so much space of imagination. These photos look pretty depressed and gloomy to me. They may not be my favorite type of photos but they did stop my breath for a second when I first looked at them.

  9. The two things I like most about these photos are the square framing, and the fact that these look more like painting rather than photos. I think that by pulling away from subject matter, you’ve made these an images a more aesthetic experience, which I enjoyed. Keep doing abstract, it’s cool!

  10. Your technique of blurring the subject and creating a square image is really interesting. It is not something you see everyday because you expect these objects to be in focus. This really gives off a mysterious and ominous feeling. Everything about these images really make me think and truly amaze me.

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