9 thoughts on “Whitney White”

  1. I love how the background adds to this image. If it where a plain background I’m not sure my eye would linger on this image for as long as it does not. The background allows me to inspect the image more. I feel as though it makes the figure stand out even more. The whites in both the background and shirt the subject is wearing tie the image together.

  2. I feel like the photos feel too staged. They also dont seem to do much for in changing in the series. I am just curious on why you have chosen the back drop and individual.

  3. These pictures make me wonder the context – otherwise they are sort of mysterious. The background is very interesting and makes me think of milk. The lighting is very nice though it would help to define the features of the subject more if you put a reflector of the left side of these pictures. Very cool!

  4. For some reason, these photos seem contrived to me. As if the model isn’t really getting into it or maybe it’s the angle. I might try a different background and new angles. Also try to get the model to be more natural in his poses. Also maybe change the lighting?

  5. The contrast between his white shirt and the dark background is very distracting to me. Had the model been wearing a black shirt I think it would bring the focus to his face more. Alternatively, a white background with white clothing could create a beautiful contrast with the model’s skin.

  6. I really like the lights setting on these photographs. The light coming from the right side created a shadow on one side of the model’s face, which increases the levels of layering. And I’m actually wondering what is the background.

  7. I think these photos look very forced. I think this is more of the model then your technique of photographing. Maybe give more direction, or try to use the lighting to portray who he is as a person?

  8. the lighting in the first two images gives the photos more depth, with brightening the subject from the side. I am not sure what the context of the images are, but the first two seem to have more true emotions and the person appears more comfortable in front of the camera. The last two images have a hint of humor to them and separates the 4 images into 2 different sets. Lastly, I really like the backdrop; the direction the the droplets are dripping is harmonious with the head position of the last image.

  9. These are well composed photographs and I am interested in learning about the context behind the photos. Your lighting works well with the model and my only suggestion is more even lighting so that the left side of your model’s body is not so dark. What is your technique for creating your images? I see that there is what I’m assuming white paint on the backdrop and curious about your choice for using the white shirt. There also seems to be a lack of variation to his movements and I would like to see more poses where it doesn’t seem forced. Overall great images and looking forward to you expanding on this series.

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