17 thoughts on “Hayden Simpson”

  1. I really enjoy how you used collage to create a new story out of separate subject matters. In the last one, I had to look at it for a second to figure out which parts of the photo belongs to which original photo! The first two also have beautifully vivid colors- but the in the third image I found that the writing in the top corner of the camera, “PRO HD”, a bit out of place and disturbs the flow between the two images.

  2. I really enjoy how you over lay your images, the over lays seem natural and not over done which is very nice and hard to achieve. I think you did a great job collaging these images. The colors are super vivid and all the detail really makes my eye linger on the images. I can defiantly tell the stories that your images are telling.

  3. I love how there’s this relationship between the human subject of each photo and each photo’s collage. I notice a sense of memory that ties the person to the collaged images. Maybe theyre thoughts running through the mind of the subject. I also like how some collaging is more “violent” or sporatic than others.

  4. Great images, I am curious as to why you would choose to layer certain images together. Is there a message you are trying to convey or is it more that the images pair well together. I would like to see more from this project, especially since the first three images I feel are your strongest. One thing I would like to point out is the saturation of your images, I think that toning it down would definitely help with distinguishing the images as well as blend more.

  5. I love this combination of images used in each photo. It really gives the images a storytelling quality and brings them depth. They also have a film-like quality because of this same technique.

  6. I really like these images! I especially like the last one. The collage in the last picture almost tells a story which I really enjoy! I also like the red color popping out in the top right corner. I also like how the railings point to the middle which adds a lot of great movement!

  7. The different layers in your images are interesting. They play back and forth with interior/exterior and reflections. I find myself trying to solve the puzzle of what is really there and what is just an illusion. I can see immediately that these are edited to create said illusion but I like that they are still “convincing” enough that I spend time trying to decipher them, especially the top two images. Those two seem the most “real”, like they could just be the eye tricking the viewer into seeing things that aren’t really there.

  8. The images are beautiful and the way the colors have been edited sets a feeling of nostalgia and adventure. The layering gives the viewer a narrative and it is clear that there was a great deal of thought that went into the composition. I think your framing provides just the right amount of space to make the viewer want to interact with the photo and piece together the story.

  9. It’s amazing how much information and narrative can fit in a single image. The use of collage really pushes the limits on how much story telling an image can hold.

  10. I love how much you have fit into each photo without making it seem too overwhelming. I think you did excellent work in the layers, and how you have almost created a narrative within each picture, and ultimately within the series. The colors give a feeling of nostalgia which adds to the narrative, and allows the looker to get a sense of looking back on time. Good job.

  11. The combination of old and new photographs have created a subtle new image. I see a lot of movement and narrative in your images, which is very inviting. My favorites images are the first and last ones; I think in those two the layers blend very well, and the perspective of the composition is more engaging.

  12. The layering of these narratives seem to relate to time, both old and recent memories woven together. The colors you chose lend both a nostalgic, faded tones, and present, bright tones. The first composition is strongly composed and the most appealing to me.

  13. I love the laying of images to create a whole new story. I think its a unique way to illustrate a new understanding. I enjoy these these because even thought there is a lot going on in the final image, it leads our eyes around the picture.

  14. Your work is very pleasing to the eye. The tones of the image, as well as the juxtaposition of the colors, make for a very captivating image.

  15. These are very classic images! good combination of old and new, hard and soft! These are overall very aesthetically pleasing to the eye

  16. These are incredible! Very surreal spaces. The top image is especially wonderful – the lines and shapes, colors. Each image feels tied together neatly enough that they feel whole and complete, yet the integration is still present in a way that lends to composition and story. Cool shyyyyyyt

  17. Very cool! I love the mixed perspectives you get from each of these photographs. Each composition makes sense with one another within the frame, I think thats important. I particularly enjoy the 3rd shot, very introspective. It tells a great story of history.

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