Mississippi State University, video

Ronnie B. Robinson

Ronnie B. Robinson
ART 4990: Special Topics – Video Art

This piece of work explores light in its natural form of the everyday. The video consist of a static shot in order to show the passing of time, as well as the movement of light and shadow. The simple beauty of light is often overlooked as a necessity to our day and we forget its magnificence. I wanted to remind viewers that light is still something beautiful to behold.

5 thoughts on “Ronnie B. Robinson”

  1. I really enjoy this idea and the images are very strong themselves. I do wish though that the video were faster so that the changes are more drastically noticeable. But I see how you are trying to show the time that needs to passes before the lighting changes. Cool idea and really great execution!!

  2. I can’t remember who it was, but I was at a museum and one artist had a slow motion video of a car crash as it was happening. It was a very surreal experience, and I imagine seeing this video on a projector in person would be too. It would be fun to see this same topic of natural lighting over time with a city setting, and geometrical objects.

  3. I think the landscape you chose for the video makes it very effective, as well as having the video in black and white, the grayscale landscape creates a nostalgic environment and the passage of time can be appreciated. I also enjoyed the very subtle movements of the grass in the wind. Watching the video gave me a feeling of sadness, the light starting off as very bright but as it faded it was like a heartbeat becoming slower until it stopped.

  4. Light is probably one of my favorite elements of this world. I appreciate how you want to remind people of this because light changes everything. Light changes our mood. It changes how we see things.

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