photography, U of Wisconsin, Madison

Lee Troz



Lee Troz
Art 576 – Alternative Forms
Digital Photographs; 8″ x 10″

These pieces are under the umbrella of my chosen theme for the semester: death and the afterlife. I am expressing this theme through abstract and surreal imagery influenced by collective beliefs of what we will encounter in the afterlife – if anything at all.

9 thoughts on “Lee Troz”

  1. The setting in these photographs are very representational of common thoughts about death and what lies after. The subject in the top photo seems to be entering some sort of unknown scene. Her face is concealed and that says a lot about ego, and individuality after death. The second photo shows the subject exploring an unknown place, perhaps the same place entered in the top photo. One critique involves saturation. I see the saturation in skin tone is much less in the top photo than the bottom. I think matching those two photos with desaturation would make the two photos more cohesive.

  2. I appreciate the exploration of a abstract concept like death though these minimalism-ish photographs. In the first image the skin tone really has a white/blueish hue that I think aids in compelling the concept of death.

  3. I love the geometry and lines in these photos. I agree with the saturation levels but I also wonder how the photos would look in black and white. I think the different shades of white, grey, and black could make for a great greyscale photograph.

  4. This is an interesting approach and I think that the photos are well done, but I have some questions– why did you choose an empty gallery space to represent the afterlife? Why is the model wearing black? Otherwise, nice job. I like the contrasting result of the white and black.

  5. I really enjoy these images. The contrast between white, grey, and black is very interesting. The geometric shapes play well with the boxy dress that she is wearing. Overall very interesting and great images!

  6. I like how in the first photograph the lines draw you to the hand at first glance. The hand like in the comments above has a very pale skin tone almost like when a body is being preserved after death. That really makes the photograph seem as a realistic depiction of death. In the second photograph the grey sections help to draw you to the figure in the photograph, which I like.

  7. The setting I find really pleasing in relation to the topic itself. Death is seen as this bland, empty space and this is conveyed quite well with a simplistic environment. I do think that the saturation difference make the photos have their own individual take on death and the afterlife, but still can be as affective together. The skin in the first photo tells me that there really is nothing after death. In the second photo, the skin has more color, which to me seems as though there is another life after death: You will look as lively as you did before.

  8. The images are abstract and unknown as is the perception of afterlife. The simplicity of colors and shadings produce a grayscale shading that I think represents the different ideas of afterlife. I am assuming the reason the skin color is so pale/gray in the first image is representing death. I am wondering why this is not a pattern in the second image as well.

  9. I think the theme for this project is a very open one that gives you a lot of room to play as an artist. However, I feel like these pictures don’t do a very good job at informing this theme. The color palette you chose is effective as black,white, and grey are all solids that are synonymous with ideas/beliefs like heaven. But maybe it is because I am too attached at understanding what kind of space the model is in it doesn’t feel believable. One suggestion I’d make is taking the photos at other angles other than just straight on.

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