Mississippi State University, photography

Ronnie B. Robinson


Ronnie B. Robinson
Art 4593 : Photographic Portfolio II
Digital Print; 12″x18″
Thesis series in progress

My thesis will follow a young girl going through the change into womanhood. This change is often forced onto girls from society’s ever-raising need for perfection and money. In this image l would like the viewer to feel the weight of the pressure through the element of water. Water is all encompassing and can overwhelm just like society’s reach for young girls.

16 thoughts on “Ronnie B. Robinson”

  1. I love this photo so much! Commenting on the composition, it fits well even though the camera was underwater. the photo is still balanced with the girl’s foot in the upper corner, and her body filling in the middle. The surface of the water fills the top and theres lots of depth and area covered from bubbles and other textures. Very well done

  2. I like this theme a lot and I think that the water does a really good job of representing the difficulty that women experience in society– makes me think of the glass ceiling. I would really like to see more of this series to be able to compare and contrast and see what other representations of this theme you have come up with.

  3. Overall, I think you captured a really fluid (excuse the pun) composition. The eye is carried throughout the image though the figure of the girl and the bubbles working vertically. I enjoy the presence of the shoes on her, I’m not sure why but my eye was drawn to that. I’d be interesting on how this develops into your thesis, I’m not sure I could have garnered the concept from this solo image, but I’m sure with the series it would be made clear.

  4. I was drawn to the motion of this photo and your explanation of the story behind it made me like it even more. I really like the flowing movement of her dress/shirt and the bubbles really create motion for me. I also love the way the lighting is set around her hair and at the surface of the water. It’s both suffocating and freeing at the same time. I feel like she’s just about to run out of air but I know she’s going to make it.

  5. This image is great! The composition of the photo works really well, and the idea for this image is perfect for your thesis. When I first saw this image, however, I imagined the girl about to burst through the surface of the water. I saw it as a playful scene. It wasn’t until after reading about your thesis that I correctly interpreted the image. I think that changing the angle or having the subject deeper under the water might have been more effective.

  6. This is a beautiful and image and a great concept as well. I like the use of water as a metaphor here and using that to compare life as a young woman is very strong. The need to “catch one’s breathe” in life in a society that puts crazy amounts of pressure on girls to succeed, be beautiful and at the same time be submissive and victimized. I would definitely like to see where this work goes!

  7. I think this is a beautiful image, and I love that as a viewer I can feel the weight of the water. The image is framed very well, the water appears like a force much bigger than the girl, but the glistening light on top gives a sense of hope. I think water is a great metaphor for society’s pressures on women, but will you be including a balance of water being both suffocating and also being conquered? Diana Nyad was the first person confirmed to swim from Cuba to Florida and is one of many women to overcome an obstacle presented by water. I am interested to see how this series advances.

  8. your photograph leaves me wanting to know more about the girl in the picture’s life. the colors have a washed out quality which leads me to feel nostalgic about my childhood as well. shoot upwards towards the surface adds an interesting perspective that makes me continue to look.

  9. This image is very beautiful!! The texture is great from the bubbles in the water to the top of the water reflecting the light. The clothes work all in this image as well the colors play nicely off of each other. I really like your theme and feel like these images support that.

  10. You have captured a very beautiful image from a unique perspective/angle of view. I think the image represent the sense of freedom and happiness the child has, yet the water is confines her (hence your theme). I am excited to see more images of this series.

  11. I’m so curious about this image. I feel free but i also feel suffocated. There’s something about you being deeper in the water than the woman is that makes me feel trapped. great representation of your theme

  12. This is an interesting concept and well composed photograph. The added touch of the pink dress with white shoes really pulls the image together and from my understanding represents a young girl struggling to reach the top. Your abstract of the image is also well presented and gives the audience a better understanding of what you want the image to represent. Overall, I would want to see more from this series.

  13. I think you did a great job capturing the feeling of a young girl. Her pink dress and red hair has contrast with the blue water, and it’s well focused for the amount of motion happening in the image. This is an interesting concept, being a woman comes with a lot of social pressure, such as being beautiful or finding a relationship. Constant nagging of these things does tend to feel heavy, just like water. This is a very mysterious image that captivates the viewer!

  14. Honestly, I don’t get your description from the photograph. However, it is beautiful. You don’t see underwater too often and the angle is refreshing.

  15. I think your idea is fantastic and you really captured a great photograph. But I think there is better way to show that the weight of the water is a metaphor for her feelings towards growing up. When I initially looked at the photo that is not what I thought you were trying to convey. I think that you being deeper in the water makes the viewer feel more weight on you rather than on the subject. It really is a beautiful photo, your ability to capture the movement so crisply in inspiring.

  16. Absolutely love this photograph! It is very unique and looks as if it is a shot out of a movie. I would like to know what kind of camera you used that is able to go under water.

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